President Nicolás Maduro announced creation of the National Water Industry

President Nicolás Maduro announced creation of the National Water Industry

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The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Thursday the creation of the National Water Industry that will be in charge of installing state-of-the-art technology that will provide a quality drinking water service throughout the national territory; increase productive capacities in the various installed desalination plants, as well as start the construction of new ones.

“This industry has to maintain these plants, to increase the capacity of these plants and start building the plants of the future”, said the Head of State during the inauguration of the third largest desalination plant in Latin America, in Nueva Esparta state.

The National President stressed that this initiative serves as a bridge to venture into the export of desalination plants built in Venezuela, which will give way to the entry of financial resources to be invested in social and socialist plans for the protection of the people, framed in the 2019-2025 Homeland Plan.

“We, having these plants in association with China, can go to export these plants, built by China and Venezuela from the national territory throughout the South American and Central American Caribbean. Venezuela has the best relations with the Caribbean and we can become exporters in desalination plants that are sorely needed by the peoples of the Caribbean”, he said.

He pointed out that with this, a new source of foreign currency can be generated for the country that breaks with the financial block, imposed by the imperial axes against Venezuela.

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