Gustavo Casas Returns to Venezuela With New Material, Hope for Alternative Scene – Billboard

Solo projects can define the influences, inspirations and artistic directions of many artists who decide to release new music on their own.

Singer/songwriter Gustavo Casas is no exception, with the new EP Amarillo, an open work that showcases the music and the feelings behind the musician well known as a “Human Ipod.”

Casas moved to Spain a few months ago after being nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Video for his single “Verte Ya.” Casas’ new project took him to many cities in Venezuela as he explored his native country and revived the energy of the alternative scene.

The joy and variety of his performance made the audience appreciate the growth of one of the greatest recent breakthroughs of this decade in Venezuela.

Margarita Island, a natural treasure of the country, was the stage for the production of his EP debut Amarillo.

Now, Casas is preparing his second EP named Azul with the assistance of director Adolfo Bueno, who worked on his major video “Verte Ya.”

He is gearing up to promote the new music, which is heavily influenced by Anderson Paak, John Mayer, Moonchild, Jorge Drexler and more. Spain can expect to hear the songs, with many performances scheduled at the end of this year. 

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