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In October-November and December, there is a lot of noise about the pollution every year. During this time, one of the reasons for the increased pollution is that people also tell the firecrackers that are run during Diwali and Christmas. However, pollination does not increase so much for just one reason. Rather, it also includes straw smoke, changes in weather and increased business activities.

These problems are caused by pollution

– Troubles such as cough, colds, headaches, fatigue all the time, sore throat, increased problem of asthma patients, irritation of eyes and running water, difficulty in breathing, chest heaviness problem, while increasing the occlusion Have to face.

– Here is Dr. Upali Nanda, the doctor, about the easy ways through which you can enjoy your daily life even during polution and the ill effects of pollution will not be able to affect your body.

While getting out of the house

For people who have to go out of the house due to daily tasks and office work, Doctor Upali Nanda recommends that they leave the house using the N-95 mask only. This mask helps to protect you from corona infection as well as the bad effect of air pollution.

– Note that this N-95 mask should not have a respirator valve. You have to use a mask without a valve. You can also use a cotton mask if you want. But it should be of good quality.

Short Walk and Indoor Activities

– Doctor Upali says that the corona epidemic has caused a lot of damage to the world. But it is also true that during this time we have also learned a lot about new ways of living. Now most sectors are providing work from home facilities to their employees, so there is an option of online education for children too.

At the same time, due to the lockdown during corona time, people have increased habit of staying indoors. Also indoor activities have also been explored. Take care of all these things and rules also to avoid pollution.

Stay as much as possible at home for as long as possible. A lot of work from home is possible during lockdown. Therefore, jogging at home instead of running. Choose Short Walk instead of Long Walk. So that the exposure has the least exposure.

Complete health package is yoga

– Doctor Upali Nanda says that yoga is a complete health package. Because it also includes actions like meditation and pranayama. If our body remains healthy through yogasanas then pranayama maintains our respiratory system and internal health. Meditation works to keep mental health fit.

Therefore, instead of going to the gym, exercising in the park and running, do yoga at home. Intour exercises like jogging and dance can also help maintain your fitness. By doing this you will reduce your exposure to pollution.

Keep home air clean like this

– Doctor Upali says that from Diwali to New Year, pollution problems are most common. In such a time, whenever such festivals and occasions come, when the pollution is highest, during that time keep the windows and doors of your house closed for maximum time. So that the pollution from outside does not enter inside your house through air.

– Put air purifiers in the areas or rooms of your home that you use the most. That is, in the room in the house where you stay for the longest time, please install air purifiers in that room. This will help keep the air inside your house clean.

These methods will not increase air pollution in the home

While doing regular worship, keep in mind that you worship God only by lighting a lamp of desi ghee. During this time do not perform Havan with incense sticks, incense sticks or condes etc. All these actions increase the density in the air of your house. This increases air pollution inside the house.

-Do not use any perfume, air freshener, or mosquito repellent and home remedies during Diwali week. Because keeping the house closed after their use may cause you breathing problems. Or there may be eye irritation and head heaviness.

Keep these things in mind while eating and drinking

– Doctor Upali says that you should use Vitamin C in your diet to avoid problems caused by pollution. You do not need to take vitamin-C tablets separately for this.

-But you can eat winter fruits like seasonal, orange, guava etc. Taking one glass of orange juice every day during the day will reduce the impact of pollution on your body.

– Doctor Nanda says that as much as there are vegetables in bright colors, there is a lot of antioxidants inside them. Like colorful capsicum. You can have red and yellow capsicum with vegetables, salads or other snacks.

Deal with eye irritation and head heaviness

-If you are having problems of eye irritation and head heaviness due to pollution, then you should wash your eyes frequently with fresh water for immediate relief. To calm eye irritation, use water eye drops, lubricant eye drops daily.

If even after doing this, the problem of burning of eyes or watery eyes does not go away, then immediately go to the eye specialist. So that this problem can be stopped before it escalates.

-You can use green-tea to remove the heaviness of the head. Can drink hot water. Or you can steam Vicks. Taking steam also removes heaviness of the head and cleanses the entire respiratory system. This increases the flow of oxygen in the body and removes the heaviness of the head.

Green Tea and Green Vegetables

Use of green tea every day is beneficial to neutralize the effects of pollution. Along with this, green beans, green leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, bathua, green onion, broccoli etc. do not allow harmful effects of pollution on the body. Because all these vegetables act like immunity boosters.

Remedy for sore throat

According to Doctor Upali, sore throat or sore throat caused by pollution and smoke can be corrected by hot water gargling. Along with this, taking steam also gets rid of this problem.

– After eating hot water, you can still avoid throat problems.

Green tea or ginger tea helps protect you from throat problems. If you do not get relief from these methods, then you must meet the ENT specialist i.e. nose-ear and throat doctor and take the medicines according to them.

Doctor upali nanda, Is working as a Preventive Health Consultant in Medicine at Mediore Hospital, Qutub Industrial Area, Delhi. You can call the number 011-41222222 to meet them.

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